Powerful Analytics

CARAT Analytics is a cloud-based analytics portal that supports your population health management efforts to monitor risk scores and identify gaps between documentation and ICD-10 and HCC codes. CARAT Analytics focuses on making data clear and actionable, helping identify trends, sort, and prioritize where greatest opportunities exist.


Stratify your population by applying filters by provider type, eligibility, or risk adjustment factor objective

Drill down to the provider level to analyze current or past details on patients, RAF details, HCC codes, recapture, M.E.A.T. status, and pending actions


Present coding or M.E.A.T. gaps directly to the provider within the EHR with CARAT ProviderAssist

Create a chase list to manage retrospective gaps

Support your population health efforts by profiling high-risk members who should be seen by providers or as part of care management programs

Support utilization management with a more complete, accurate, and real-time picture of population health

RAF & HCC Dashboard

Gain visibility into current and projected Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score of your population. Drill down to determine any HCC gaps to help you manage interventions more efficiently. Administrative workflow management and real-time reporting allows you to compare providers, categories, or RAF weights. 

Recapture Rate Snapshots

CARAT provides visibility into recapture opportunities, tracking overall HCC recapture rates and trends by year, month, provider, and opportunity. Data can further be analyzed by disease type and severity, helping surface where the greatest opportunities exist.

Coding / Documentation Gaps

CARAT’s dashboard simplifies the investigation of any coding or documentation gaps. At-a-glance reporting on codes, claim / EHR status, provider acceptance, pending action, and specific documentation attached to M.E.A.T. criteria provide real-time insight into each provider’s attempts to close gaps. 

CARAT leverages intelligence to identify gaps and project RAF score optimization against captured opportunities.

CARAT ProviderAssist

CARAT ProviderAssist presents coding and documentation gaps in real-time as an overlay within the EHR, prospectively and concurrent to the encounter. CARAT retrospectively identifies the severity of each patient condition, updating the problem list and supporting real-time management of each condition.

Capture New Patient Conditions

Prospective risk adjustment considers data from all sources, including the EHR, lab results, and medical and pharmacy claims to help identify conditions that may exist that require clinical intervention and documentation. CARAT captures the clinical picture with 95% accuracy, notifying providers by text or email. In this way, risk adjustment has grown from a financial tool to one that is also clinically relevant.

Identify High-Risk Members

Prospective analysis of the entire patient population can help identify patients with multiple chronic conditions or multiple coding gaps that would benefit from immediate care management or referral to specialists.

Move Forward with Prospective Risk Adjustment

Analytics provides valuable insight to support your retrospective risk adjustment program, helping you uncover and capture value in your existing data. Today, CARAT intelligence provides real-time risk adjustment to eliminate the need for a chase list by ensuring patient conditions, and their severity, are identified and managed throughout the year. 

CARAT Analytics will help you capture unrealized value in your existing submissions. CARAT Risk Adjustment will help you capture future value in real-time.