CARAT for Providers

Efficient, real-time decision support to capture newly inferred
conditions and streamline coding right at the point of care.

CARAT ProviderAssist
Practice Faster and Easier

CARAT ProviderAssist provides a concurrent review of clinical documentation during each encounter, presenting coding and documentation gaps in real-time from within the EHR.

CARAT ProviderAssist identifies the severity of each patient condition and encouraging actions to inform their care and support clinical documentation consistent with [M]onitoring, [E]valuating, [A]ssessing, [T]reating criteria (M.E.A.T.) for each HCC code in the patient record. 

Providers can review suggested codes and alerts for unsupported codes in less than 5 minutes a day.

AI-Powered Charting and Coding

Manual assignment of codes introduces opportunity for human error or bias. CARAT reviews structured and unstructured clinical notes from the EHR, including information held in PDF or JPG format, to suggest ICD-10 and HCC codes with 95% accuracy. Validation is presented at the point of care within the EHR.

CARAT’s semantic engine has a high degree of accuracy in identifying diagnoses, medications, laboratory results, procedures, etc. from structured and unstructured clinical notes, which results in a more accurate list of diseases and severity levels. 

M.E.A.T. Validation

CARAT approaches every patient encounter with a retrospective analysis of clinical notes, diagnostic imaging, and specialist reports.  

CARAT validates M.E.A.T. criteria and highlights any CDI opportunities to meet CMS guidelines. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes a day, simplifying a time-consuming process typically outsourced to coders.