About Cybexys

We help improve outcomes and achieve value-based care.

Who We Are

The Cybexys team brings a diverse range of experience to the table, ranging across healthcare services, technology, analytics, and revenue cycle management. Our team is dedicated to providing an innovative, scalable solution to today’s healthcare challenges.

Our mission is to help providers and payers simplify value-based care by taking out all the guesswork associated with coding and documenting encounters and by providing data to providers when and where they need it most. 

Our Vision

The goal of value-based care is to improve patient outcomes, yet the process of calculating risk, of accurately coding and documenting encounters, is a burden for payers and providers alike. Inaccurate risk adjustment scores are a source of missed revenue and lower quality scores while missing documentation exposes organizations to RADV audits. 

Our vision is to do the heavy lifting associated with accurate coding and documentation so that healthcare providers can get back to what matters most: patient care.

Our Solution

At Cybexys, we believe the key to value-based care already lies within your data. We developed a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) system, CARAT, to more accurately capture unrealized value to payers, MCOs, and providers. 

CARAT leverages natural language processing and machine learning (NLP/ML) to optimize coding and transform clinical documentation into real-time feedback to support clinical decision making for improving patient care management.